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About Corporations4Less

We will take care of all the paperwork and help you purchase an aged shelf corporation. By using our service, you’ll get all the benefits of having your own aged shelf corporation throughout the US without going through the hassle and paying hefty costs.
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Your One-Stop Solution for all Your Corporation Setup and Funding Needs

Welcome to Corporations4less, where we provide new and aged shelf corporations in all 50 states across the US.

We specialize in aged shelf corporations.

We will check your credit score through our affiliate Skyrocket Credit, and handle everything, including but not limited to:

  • Shelf Corps
  • Funding
  • EIN Number
  • Dun & Bradstreet number
  • Everything credit-related
  • Paydex Score
  • Tradelines
  • Credit sweeps

Purchase an affordable aged shelf corporation and start working on growing your business from today!


We can check your recent credit report and suggest an ideal Aged Corporation that can help you achieve your goals at the lowest cost possible.
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Register a Company and Establish Instant Corporate History With Us

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Maximize Your Profits Without Overpaying!

As an entrepreneur, it’s vital to figure out ways to help your corporation get ahead. The best way to protect your assets, receive tax advantages, and leverage your business to better heights is to purchase an aged shelf corporation.

You can buy aged shelf corporations across all 50 states by doing the minimum work and paying the minimum costs.

We offer aged shelf corporations with bank accounts that can be registered under your name right away so that you can begin working to take that business to new heights.

We will handle all the paperwork, legal procedure, and ownership transfer to give you a ready aged shelf corporation based on your needs.

We ensure that you understand the transfer process so that you become a proud and happy owner of a shelf company legally.

All the corporations with Corporations4Less come with Dun & Bradstreet number, EIN number, first-year filing fees, a funding referral, and a registered agent. You can also select from different optional services like website creation, Paydex score, mail forwarding, and phone answering service.