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We know that you have a lot of questions. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of FAQs with detailed answers to help you understand the processes and requirements for incorporating your business.

The majority of the buyers of Shelf Corporation will make these costly errors if they’re not mindful:

  • Pay High-Price for a Shelf Corporation that comes with Established Credit
  • Pay for Shelf Corporation that has a Personal Guarantor
  • Pay for Shelf Corporation that comes with large Tax Returns
  • Pay for Shelf Corporation with hidden liabilities and/or Bad Credit
  • Pay for Shelf Corporation not owned by the Seller

An RA is a designated person who receives the service of process when a business is a part of legal action like a lawsuit.

The registered RA’s address is a place where all the paperwork for the business entity charter’s renewal will be sent by the state. The RA for the business can be a third-party member or a person, like an organization’s lawyer.

If you’ve followed the recommendation of our consultants and done a Foreign Entity Registration within your state, then you’ll have to get business licenses.

Our team can complete the Business License Applications for as low as $250 + City/State/County Fees.

Assuming you followed our recommendation and did a Foreign Entity Registration in your Home State, then yes, you will need to obtain Business Licenses. We can find and complete the Business License Applications for you for $250 + City/County/State Fees.

No Corporate Income Tax: 
Nevada, Texas, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Washington.

No Personal Income Tax: 
Alaska, Florida, South Dakota, Nevada, Washington, and Texas.

No Corporate Income Tax and No Personal Income Tax:
Nevada, Texas, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Washington.

The difference between C-Corps and S-Corps is that S-Corps are considered flow-through corporations. It means they aren’t taxed when incorporated like the C-Corps. For most of our clients, the S-Corp is an ideal way to go as being taxed like a C-Corp within the state of incorporation can create an additional cost that can divert your business from the main goal, fostering Corporate Credit.

If you feel that an S-Corp will work best for your needs, we’ll have to file the IRS Form 2553 to get the S-Corporation Status. It’s an easy process, and we can do it within a day.

No, you don’t need it. However, it’s strongly recommended that if you don’t reside in the state where your aged corporation is registered, you should make a Foreign Entity Registration. This is because using a virtual address as the business’s address is a bad idea for Financing needs.

Therefore, we suggest that you get the Foreign Entity Registration in the state you reside in using the real business address. It will ensure that your credit applications won’t get denied as your address isn’t valid.

It also becomes easy to open a business bank account for an aged corporation, as you wouldn’t be limited to the banks that enable accounts to open via the web only.

It’s dependent on individual cases. Some Creditors don’t like it. If you’ve had this issue previously, we suggest you should use an Aged Corporation until and unless your current business has been in existence for many years, and you’ve gained lucrative Tax Returns as proof for it.

While Shelf Corporations enable you to get Unsecured Financing much quicker, you can get lost in the murky waters if you’re not honest in your loan applications.

So, can you use Shelf Corporations to get Unsecured Financing?  Definitely, and Corporations4Less can help you in getting it via our dependable Funding Program.

Though, you should build a real business with a concrete purpose than just getting financing.

What do you plan to do with the loan money?  We hope you plan to run a lucrative business without wasting the money on gambling chips and retirement funds. The key is to be honest. It’s only then that you’ll get the financing you require – legally and safely.

Some reasons for purchasing a Shelf Corporation are:
  • Quickly obtain the required credibility and “Time in Business” to get financing and corporate credit approval.
  • Create a strong Corporate Credit Profile for a replacement for Personal Credit Repair.
  • Expedite estate planning and safeguard assets from creditors.
  • Quickly gain credibility with potential partners, clients, and suppliers.
  • Instantly grow international business in the US without the usual red tape.

While you have the liberty to change your shelf corporation’s name, we suggest that you don’t do it because it’s against the rules for Shelf Corporation.  We provide helpful advice to report Trade Names that you would prefer to add to your business.

As an example, “XYZ Enterprises Inc” can conduct business under the Trade Name of “Super Power Consulting Group,” given that this is the name they prefer to be known by.

An aged shelf corporation is a company with no activity.

The company was placed on the “shelf” to “age.” The company can then be sold to a person or group of persons that wish to start a company without going through all the procedures of creating a new one.

Federal Tax Identification Number is the Employer Identification Number used to recognize a business, just how a Social Security Number tells you about a person.

If you’re looking to open a business bank account and hire any workers, then you’ll need a federal tax ID. All our Aged Corporations have a federal tax ID# included for FREE.

Select the S-Corporation Status. This will enable you to get taxed on a personal level and not a Corporate Level. This will help you avoid State Corporate Income Taxes and help you benefit from the lower Personal Income Tax Rates, regardless of the place the aged corporation is from.

No. It’s not needed and can hurt you in the long run. After you’ve got your Aged Corporation, contacting Dun & Bradstreet will result in you getting persuaded into buying services like Corporate Credit Building Services. While they may appear to be very helpful, these services are the opposite of being helpful.

They don’t help your business because buying such services can possibly trigger the AUDIT of your business. During the audit, Dun & Bradstreet can identify changes in ownership and other movements. You don’t want to get exposed to all this. Therefore, you shouldn’t purchase anything from Dun & Bradstreet.

You will only require a nominee officer if you’re buying an Aged Corp for some reason other than Financing and Corporate Credit.

At Corporations4Less, the Nominee Officer Service is made to ensure that your name stays out from the public records. This way, no one can know that you’re involved with an Aged Corporation through asset searches.

Suppose you’re buying the Aged Corporation as you’re looking to get Financing and Corporate Credit. In this case, a Nominee Officer won’t be the best idea. That’s because they won’t put their sign on the Credit Applications on your behalf. Creditors will require you to sign off all the applications.

Virtual Office is a service for forwarding mails. It comprises Receptionist Services. It acts like a Physical location and Address of a corporation. A Virtual Office enables entrepreneurs to operate their business from any geographical location without needing to be physically present within the state.

Corporations4Less provides Virtual Office Services. You’ll only need it if you’re planning to run an Aged Corporation from out of state, only required for Asset Protection.

A Shelf Corporation is defined as a business without any liabilities or assets.  We are aware of organizations that sell Shelf Corporations at a high price point.

If you purchase a Shelf Corporation along with existing tax returns, credit lines, or financials, you’ll lose the money. Using false tax returns in loan applications can take away your liberty as well. Therefore, we request you not to fall for these.